If booking a haircut with a color service, please select the appropriate drycut for yourself and a complimentary blow-dry in the online booking.


+New Look/ First timer

Most Hair Lengths - $65

Short Hair ( above the ear ) - $55

This service is for if you are new to Transfiguration or may have an existing relationship but are looking for a big change to the hairstyle you're presenting to the world. You may want to choose this service if you have not had your haircut within the last 2-3 months or are just feeling the need to look different.

This appointment takes 60-75 minutes and includes a thorough consultation, hair wash, scalp massage, steam towel and blow-dry.

For Short Hair (above the ear) this service also includes a straight razor nape shave.

+Same again-Wash/Dry

Most Hair Lengths - $55

Short Hair ( above the ear ) - $45

Same again-Wash/Dry is for those who feel great with where their hairstyle is and simply want to look like it comes right out of your head and arrives at this spot always. This haircut service can be performed on wet or dry hair and comes with a hair wash, scalp massage, steam towel and a blow-dry.

Expect to spend 45-60 minutes at Transfiguration when you book this service.

For Short hair (above the ear) this service also comes with a straight razor nape shave.

This service is for maintaining the same hairstyle that has been cut by one of our haircrafters within the last 2 months.

+Same Again-Drycut

Most Hair Lengths - $40

Short Hair ( above the ear ) - $35

Same Again-Drycut is for if you're feeling right at home with the haircut you have, need a trim and might be on a tighter schedule or budget. This service is a bit quicker and you will leave with your hair as-is.

Expect to spend 30-45 minutes at Transfiguration when you book this service.

The Same Again-Drycut is for you if you have had your hair cut at Transfiguration within the last 2 months and are looking for basic maintenance.


All Hair Lengths - $15

Refresh/Bangs is just what it sounds like. This is a 15 minute appointment for a bang trim or to refresh some edges of a haircut, or even to tidy up that undercut.

Bang trims are reserved for people with preexisting bangs. If you're looking to add some fringe to your mane, we'd like to have a bit more time to make sure we get it just right.

+Blow Out

All Hair Lengths - $35 and up

This is a stand alone blow-dry service for when you're not getting a haircut or color and just want to feel yourself. We all need a little something sometimes.



Complimentary blow-dry for all color, with exception of party/fun color done without lightening service & stand alone bond builder treatment.

+ Consultations

Complimentary consultations via text

Our complimentary consultation via text is a service for anyone with some basic questions that can include projected maintenence, aftercare, pricing, and to see if what you're dreaming of is ready to become a reality. To take advantage of this consultation, we ask you to provide 3 photos of your hair. All must be taken in natural light, no filters, with each side and the back photographed. Please include a few hair inspo photos so we can start with great framework. In addition to your hair photos, we ask that you send us your full name, hair history of the last 2 years depending on hair length (hair on average grows 6 inches a year, so think of hair history as every 6 inches that's there), and if there is a particular haircrafter you would like to see.

Strand test Consultation - $25

Our strand test consultation is for anyone with previous color on their hair so we can provide a more accurate answer on what to expect during your color correction appointment. It is highly recommended for those who desire drastic results, have a lot of color build up, or whose hair is compromised. We encourage this service because our haircrafters at Transfiguration take color corrections very seriously. We always strive for the clearest communication on what you can expect, and this service allows us more clarity. During your strand test appointment, we will use the correct color removal device on a very tiny portion of hair in the underneath nape area to see how much color can be lifted out. This appointment length is 30 minutes.

+ Bond Builder

Color Add on - $30

Stand Alone Conditioning Treatment - $40

We’ve all heard of Olaplex at this point; however, at Transfiguration we’ve decided to stick with something a bit more organic: O&M CØR Restore. What we love about CØR Restore is that it doesn’t include a tedious at-home regiment. No ‘part 3’. No ‘take home’. No extensive hair ritual -- you can stick with your regular programming. The benefits of using CØR Restore bond builder include reducing the damaging effects of color, improving hair quality, building protein, and providing maximum hydration to hair. It an be used as an add on into your color service or used as a stand alone conditioning treatment.

+ Single Process

Root - $65 and up

Root to Ends - $75 and up

Add on to highlight/Balayage - $35 and up

Got some grey to cover or looking for something not too far off from your natural color? Single Process color is intended for hair that has never been colored before whether it be just a root application or root to strand end.

+ Gloss

Root to End - $60

One of the shortest color services we offer that will still give you some pick me up! For hair that's in dire need of shine & some conditioning, perhaps also some gentle tonal adjustment. Gloss will most certainly add luster and gleam to your hair but is not intended for more than gray blending. This service comes with a blowdry for hair of shoulder length, past shoulder blade is an additional $10.

+ Highlights/ Balayage

Face Frame - $85

Half - $120 and up

Full - $150 and up

Feeling dull? Feeling blah? Feeling like a sad droopy succulent on a dark window sill? Whether doing any form of highlight or balayage, this service is sure to perk you up and be some instant sunshine in your life. It can be anywhere from some brightness around your face to a complete transformational glow up. Keep in mind that if you have your heart set on this service but have pre-existing color on your hair, you may want to do a Color Correction Consultation.

+ Bowlayage

Bowlayage - $65 and up

Just as we have the Refresh service in Haircutting we have Bowlayage for those looking for a quick pick me up. This service is performed at the shampoo bowl and is one of our quickest most budget friendly color services. Excellent as a maintenance service in between highlights or balayage, or as a way to dip your toes into the world hair color.

+ Party/Fun Colors

Party/Fun 1 color - $30

Party/Fun 2 colors - $40 and up

Party/Fun 3 or more colors - $60 and up

Pastels, Metallics, Mermaid Hair, Galaxies, Oil spills, Unicorns, 5th Elements, Sunsets, whatever sort of hair! If you can dream it, we can do it. This service can only be preformed over a bleach & tone, or previously lightened hair.

+ Bleach & Tone

Bleach & Tone Root Touch-Up (under 6 weeks) - $95 and up

Bleach & Tone First Time -

Most hair lengths - $125 and up

Short hair (above the ears) - $100

Bleach & Tone is for those looking to join the blonde crew or anything much lighter than their natural hair color. For all the strawberry blondes, iced out silvers, or those looking to get on their way to Party/Fun colors. We are here to lighten you up using the finest hair decolorizers on the market. Let's ditch the Clorox and Sun In.

+ Color Correction

Consultation via text - On the house

Consultation including strand test - $25

Standard Color Correction Rate - $75 per hour of servicing time

Inquire about our day long flat rate color correction to see if you're a candidate.

Maybe you've had a friend that convinced you to 'trust them' or had a bad run in with some box dye, perhaps you've just been coloring your hair dark and are ready for a big change now. Color Correction sounds scary but what it really means is that we will hold your hand and carry you through the journey of getting your hair towards where you want. It's going to take some steps, but we'll make sure you feel comfortable getting there. Basic prices are listed for this service however, completing a complimentary consultation is required to book a Color Correction.