+ What is your cancellation and tardiness policy?

We ask that you cancel or reschedule your cutting, coloring, or astrology service within 24 hrs of your appointment. In the event that you do not make it to your appointment or cancel/reschedule past our time frame, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. Our cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of the canceled/rescheduled services. We allow a 10 minute grace period for haircut, astrology or tarot appointments and a 20 minute grace period for haircoloring appointments. If you arrive within these time frames, we can proceed with your appointment. Arriving past these times will result in your appointment being treated as a no-show and you will be charged a cancellation fee. For appointments that are no-show / no-call / no-text, we will also process the cancellation fee.

+ Parking? / Public transit? / Bike racks?

Parking on Baltimore Avenue is free! If you choose to park on any surrounding sidestreets, we recommend you check signage indicating time constraints. There are no parking meters nearby so don't worry about feeding the meter monster. Transfiguration Hair Studio can be reached by the 34 trolley. The trolley stops on Baltimore Avenue at the corner of 48th Street. There are bike racks in front of our neighbor, Mariposa Food Co-Op, and plenty of other places to lock up a bike on our block.

+ What should I wear to my appointment?

Whatever you're comfortable in! Avoid wearing a turtleneck or your absolute favorite, priceless, irreplaceable, Prince t-shirt. If possible, try to limit bulk around the neckline -- we may ask you to remove your hoodie/scarf. We always strive to be neat and tidy, but it's good to be aware of potential mishaps.

+ Why aren't there different prices for men's + women's cuts?

All of our services at Transfiguration Hair Studio are gender neutral. We do not believe that the length of someone’s hair needs to be tied to their gender identity. Aren’t we all tired of gender roles yet?

+ I don’t see kids prices on your menu?

Of course every member of your family or young person you know is welcome to come to Transfiguration. We pride ourselves in our top-notch services regardless of who is in our chair. Our prices reflect the quality of service a person receives rather than the age of the recipient.

+ Why dry cutting? What should I know about it?

Dry cutting is a hair cutting technique that allows us to navigate the natural fabric of the hair. It allows compensation for swirls, growth patterns, and curl type. Just because your haircrafter may suggest a dry cut, it doesn't mean you cannot have a wash and dry as well. For certain hair types and styles, it may be the most suitable technique while a wet haircut may be more suitable for other styles and textures. That being said, every stylist at Transfiguration is fully trained for wet or dry haircutting.

+What should I know about consultations?

When coming in for a consultation, it’s best if you have done a bit of hair homework. Please make sure to reference our consultation services located on our hair menu. It’s often recommended to collect some photos of different hair-colors (or cuts, if that pertains) that really speak to you. Whether it’s the placement of the color or the exact shade, we want to see what you're invisioning in your minds eye. Conversely, having photos of what you don’t enjoy helps us get an idea of your anti-aesthetic. We will do our best to steer you towards what's suitable for your hair, your ideal level of maintenance, and your personal sense of style. Any inspiration you provide will be used as a tool to bring forth the identity of YOU.

+ What are certain words that can help me talk about my hair?

The beauty of language! Oh but also the bane of it when we can’t slice through the jargon! Some words that we recommend familiarizing yourself with to help explain will be broken up between Cutting and Coloring Services:


Some things to think about would be overall length, when looking in a mirror whats the longest part you would like to see whether it be ear, chin, shoulder, or butt? Do you like to see texture? Choppiness? Softness? Or the other end of the spectrum with hard, bold, blunt lines? What about shape? When you think of your silhouette is your hair rounder, more heavy at the bottom, or leaner throughout giving more evenness when visually looking up and down?


Some words to help in coloring can be tonality. Are you drawn to things that have more warmth, gold, glow, reflection? Or are you drawn more to color that is cooler, ashier, muted? With fun colors is it very saturated and pigmented or pastel, sheer or muted? Placement is also something to find some language for, including if imagining a service more blended throughout in a balayage placement or ombre where there may be more concentration on the bottom. Very differently might be an entire global application of one color, which for some colors may be a single process and for much lighter colors a double process.

+ How does tipping work?

Gratuity is accepted as a sign of good work and care. If you enjoyed your service at Transfiguration, feel free leave gratuity. Tips are accepted in cash, on card, or through Venmo for all haircrafters and our astrologer. ( Cash and Venmo are our preferred methods. ) General tipping percentage applies -- 15%-20% -- if you're unsure of what's customary.

+ What is accessibility like at Transfiguration?

The first floor at Transfiguration is completely ADA compliant. Our readings and classes are usually held downstairs -- down two small flights of stairs with a landing in between, a total of 17 steps -- but these services can be carried out on the first floor as well.
Transfiguration is not scent free but we strive to keep it synthetic scent free.